Major funding comes to those with passion, a great plan and the courage to ask. 

Are you daunted by the prospect of securing major funding for your non-profit?

Don't be. I have helped CEOs from all types of non-profit to better understand what funders look for. We then transform your strategies to deliver greater impact. And I help you communicate your impact in ways that prove you are ready for a bigger investment.

I can then help you develop your major gift fundraising strategy and action plan. Securing major funding is easy when you have a strategy to deliver impact, you know the steps to take, and you begin.

Sam Hardy Philanthropy helps non-profits attract greater funding.

Not a natural salesperson? Don't worry.

Who in the world is? Funders want to hear from the person with the best solution. These people are rarely salespeople. And this is ok because if you get the fundamentals right, you don't have to sell anything but your authentic self. 

Why listen to me? 

Because I see things differently and this is a good thing because philanthropy is changing and fundraising needs to keep up.  

I've got broad expertise in non-profit strategy and major gift fundraising. I've also got unique insights into how and why finders give. These insights shape the way I work and the impact I can help you make.  

There is nothing more inspiring than creating a powerful strategy for change and finding funders who agree and want to support it.  

But it's harder than you think to find this “sweet spot”.  

Funders increasingly want to know their money is going to make the greatest impact possible. But many non-profits are not brilliant at telling the full story of how they make change happen. 

This results in some fantastic non-profits missing out on major gifts that could transform the work they do and, as a result, the world around us.  

Now, this is where I come in. I will guide you in what funders want and how to pitch to them. I can also help you create or refresh your major gifts strategy so that it hits the "sweet spot" of inspiring donors with your impact story and persuading them that you have a plan to succeed. 

Are you ready for more funding?